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Our Focus Areas

Our Focus, Our Drive

We advise companies of all sizes, from startups to small, medium and large international corporations, on the fastest, most efficient, and cost-effective information technology systems for their business.

We provide direction and technical implementation through the minefield of ever-advancing technology, from Big Data Analytics to Cloud Computing, Block Chain and Machine Learning to Artificial Intelligence, as a technology enabler to find solutions to complex problems.

We analyze and propose strategy on how to leverage the use of innovative technology to create applications that can generate value, support growth and enhance the clients' business needs.

Our Technology

Adoption of the right technology and efficient processes are crucial to staying ahead of the competition in frontier markets.
Afripera consultants use innovative technology such as BlockChain, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to make an impact in different industries such as healthcare sector, energy sector and agricultural sector. We currently use Block Chain technology to accelerate social impact development in developing countries. Our team of advisors can provide guidance in choosing the best technology to help create value for your business.

Other Focus Areas

  • Energy Challenges
    Energy is the bedrock for the stable economic growth and progress of all economies, whether developed and developing. Unfortunately, the African nations have yet to tap into the numerous opportunities for economic growth that depends on energy. Despite the abundant sources of both renewable and non-renewable energy available, the continent consumes the lowest amount of energy per capita in the world. Among the many problems confronting economic development in Africa, Afri-PERA focuses on the access to affordable and reliable energy sources critical to economic growth in Africa. The Afri-PERA energy practice supports you, the client, with the following:

    • Helping you move your energy policy ideas from the planning stage to implementation.
    • Where policy ideas are still in the early stages, we help you develop and implement them.
    • We use powerful policy evaluation tools like System Dynamics to review energy policy issues, in both the pre- and post-implementation context.
    • We help you put complex energy policy scenarios into perspective and transform them into actionable solutions.
    • We work with clients, to develop robust financing structures for energy projects.
  • Healthcare Issues
    The healthcare system in Africa faces significant challenges that clearly indicate the urgent need for reforms to improve access to quality and affordable healthcare. At Afri-PERA, we are dedicated in formulating population healthcare strategy and solutions. We work with clients across the healthcare value chain to transform, optimize, and improve healthcare system in Africa.

    We utilize the latest innovative technologies to gather data, research, and improve healthcare outcomes. In addition, we guarantee that our evaluations rest strictly with the most solidbased evidence.

    Our areas of expertise include healthcare business strategy and program development, policy analysis, public health implementation and training, regulatory compliance and pharmaceutical management.

    Equipped with the required breadth and depth of research, and in partnership with a wide range of entities – among them, government agencies, foundations, community health organizations and private sector companies – ensuring that the healthcare value chain is top tier in the delivery of solutions. We work on defining and developing innovative methods that is required to transform the African healthcare experience, as it exists today.

    This includes crafting strategies designed to:

    • Improve the collection and monitoring of health data.
    • Ensure equitable distribution of costs and equitable patronage at all levels of health care.
    • Enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare delivery.
    • Harness private sector participation in the provision of healthcare services.
  • Agricultural Problems
    Development of the agricultural sector is critical: we recognize the necessity of responding to the global challenge of securing sustainable supplies of food for Africa’s burgeoning population. We have extensive experience in formulating and delivering capacity development activities and programs in the areas of agribusiness and food chain development.

    Afri-PERA advisors are available to consult with you regarding key policies, regulatory, legal and institutional, infrastructure, technical issues and the development of value chains. Our experts can help guide you regarding the development of sustainable agribusiness and agri trade strategies designed to identify key local and/or regional market opportunities.

    Afri-PERA has the advantages of being deeply rooted in the industry and being dedicated to developing agriculture in Africa. Some of our experienced professionals operate their own farms and consult for commercial ones. Our advisors understand your concerns regarding the complexity of this industry and its perpetual fluctuations. We propose alternative solutions to address these complexities facing the industry.

    At Afri-PERA, we have developed strategies to mitigate risk and create opportunities for stakeholders in both the public and private sectors - financial institutions, producers, exporters, buyers, traders, research institutions, governments, small to medium domestic agribusinesses, and multinational organizations.

  • Captital Projects & Infrastructure
    We assist clients to improve capital efficiency of projects and infrastructure development. Afri-Pera is committed to improving the economic, environmental and social well-being of our stakeholders through our projects and operations management.

    Whether you are an investor, developer or stakeholder we can help your organization deliver greater value using cost benefit analysis and cutting edge technology to provide the greatest impact on your projects.

    Our extensive experience is founded on industry best practices. Our capital project and infrastructure team will work with our clients to define clear milestones of their projects. We can tailor our services to suit the size of your projects.

    We can help provide advice and support at every stage of a project to create, capture and deliver value from inception to disposition of your projects.