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    Environmentally Themed Investment Strategy

Afri-PERA is a leading consulting company dedicated to address the energy, healthcare, agricultural, infrastructure and economic development issues confronting Africa today. We achieve this through investment analysis, research, policy evaluation and recommendations. Where necessary, we support our clients; mostly African governments at all levels to oversee implementation of policy reforms and investment decisions.

Steeped in academic tradition, Afri-PERA policy analysts and researchers utilize data derived from state-of- the-art quantitative and qualitative analysis to gain an understanding of national, regional and international policy issues. Regarding project implementation: we oversee every step of the process, from inception to disposition. Where your project ideas are still in the planning stage, we help develop and help implement them. When there are a number of scenarios to choose from, we assist in selecting the one best suited to an actionable solution.

The Afri-PERA team is comprised of seasoned professionals, highly valued for their ability to identify and address both the challenges and opportunities facing Africa today. They are also adept at collaboration, working with you to transform a shared vision into a strategic success.

Afri-PERA advisors bring together individuals and organizations for an annual conference in Africa to discuss economic policy issues affecting its future. We invite you to join us in a strategic dialogue that hopefully will produce ideas with the potential to galvanize and transform communities, and thus create positive change on the continent of Africa.


Energy is the bedrock of stable economic growth and development for all economies.


At Afri-PERA, we’re playing our part in population healthcare strategy and solutions.


Afri-PERA recognizes the need to respond to the global challenge of securing sustainable supplies of food for the growing population in Africa.

Capital Projects and Infrastructure

We advise and support investors, developers, regulators, policy makers and stakeholders in capital projects and infrastructure development in Africa.