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A NIGERIAN Petroleum Engineer, Mr. Chinedu Onyeizu, has developed a three node policy and a technology-based model aimed at addressing the challenges of fuel supply in Nigeria, by empowering Nigerians and the authorities with the capacity to track supply across all the downstream petroleum sector value chain.

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Solving the liquid fuel refining and distribution problems in Nigeria, and across Africa – Chinedu Onyeizu

Producing two-million barrels of crude oil per day, Nigeria has approximately 38 billion barrels of crude oil and 188 trillion standard cubic feet of natural gas in reserve. Despite its abundance of natural and human resources — and its position as the largest crude oil producer in Africa — the country suffers from a persistent fuel shortage, with most Nigerians lacking adequate electricity. Clearly, the current industry model is not working in Nigeria. In the last 7 years, Nigeria has spent N4.7 trillion on petroleum products importation and subsidy payment.

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