Investment & Business Development Services

Another key expertise in our range of services is investment and business development advisory. We offer investment services for clients seeking to gain professional insight into certain markets or sectors in Africa’s investment opportunities.

Our research and strategy formulation will help; you our clients to better understand trends, opportunities, and risk. We provide clients with the tools necessary to make informed and practical decisions in their investment process.

We design, construct, implement and manage investment projects for clients. We use specific risk metrics to create investment portfolios that endure and excel through various economic cycles. We provide post investment monitoring services and project development assistance to support all stages of the investment process.

We bring private equity investment and feasible projects together, fostering new developments, business strategies, and investments that generate optimal value. We work with fund managers to ensure that investment proposals are risk proof with high ROI potentials.

Research and Analytics Services

Our teams of experienced researchers offer a wide array of research solutions for our clients. We deliver independent objective analysis and technical expertise to help our clients transform their objectives and goals into strategies.

We at Afri-PERA believe that access to the most accurate data is indispensable to our efforts to surmount Africa’s host of energy, healthcare, agricultural and economic development issues. To that end, we deploy a team of qualified researchers, trained in the use of advanced methodologies and analysis-related tools to gather information and data that is needed for actionable results and decision-making.

We provide our clients with accurate unbiased analysis on research performance by combining high quality data sources with technical expertise. Our offering ranges from market analysis, feasibility studies, and comprehensive multidimensional studies.

Our team is committed to ensuring that all of its findings have undergone the most rigorous scrutiny before being used for implementation of a project. We use in-depth quantitative and qualitative methods to cover research topics in energy, healthcare, agriculture and economic development.

Policy Analysis & Evaluation Services

Africa of today is wrestling with a daunting array of energy, healthcare, agricultural and economic policy issues. We at Afri-PERA are committed to examining the utility of policies and projects past and present designed to address complex local and regional issues.

We offer policy analysis and evaluation services to public/private companies, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies to help ensure their policies and programs are efficient, effective, and informed.

We augment ideas and propose ways of amplifying value to our client’s policy proposals or reforms. We offer strategies in managing the policy analysis and evaluation of existing policy reforms, new policy recommendations, and policy development.

Our experts from a range of academia and professional backgrounds can provide high quality research, policy recommendations, and analysis on a full range of public policy issues.

Economic Development Advisory Services

To address the intricate problems confronting the continent today, it is essential to target strategies crafted to have the most impact. To do this, we collaborate with governments, international organizations, corporations, foundations and NGO’ to develop strategies that can help strengthen regional economies.

We advice our clients on economic development planning and implementation that supports and cultivates an entrepreneurial environment to foster innovation; that will contribute to Africa’s economic growth.

We deliver practical economic development strategies and knowledge resources to improve value creation initiatives and business ventures that will support economic growth in Africa.

We provide insights on market strategies that strengthen economic growth and expand business development.

Our team of experts have experience with economic policy studies and economic impact of industry sectors. We can help our clients to assess feasibility and secure resources for executing projects.